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    Visitors who desire to enter the world of nature can climb aboard to stay afloat on the endless sea and imagine you are a Robinson to explore uninhabited islands or villages specialized in fish and squid catches as strewn all over there. The natural landscapes lulls us all into a long forgotten past of islands that comprise only rocky mountains and trees rising above eternally roaring waves like a delightful couple.

    In the exclusive getaway of the heaven and the sea wedded, time slowly goes by and rejuvenates every of our veins with an immersion into nature. Sometimes the laughter of a child deafens fluttering waves. Out there a couple is busy catching sea snails and holding them in their ears to listen to the whispers of the sea. Visitors may slowly walk along the beach, which boasts clear and deep waters thus hugely enable coral reefs to proliferate.

    Visitors of course barely miss out an opportunity to discover the miraculous nature underwater. Adventure lovers will definitely regret not joining the trekking over special terrains as they climb lushly forested rocks and cliffs amidst the thunderous waves from afar. When darks fall hard, visitors will revel in catching squids and relish these moving trophies. In the mysterious dark and with the bright moonlight, good pals and enchanting myrtle liquor, visitors will hardly forget experiences in these rustic and homey islands

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