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    Lying on the direction straight to the sea, Lien Hiep Thanh restaurant is proud to bring visitors a picturesque view with a local architecture style. The local dishes served in Lien Hiep Thanh restaurant are wholly supplied from the fishing villages on the island, fresh and pure. The sea food are processed in a simple way to preserve the freshness from the sea.

    Lien Hiep Thanh restaurant also serves different dishes from Asia and Europe in a spacious area, able to accommodate of over 70 guests.
    Lien Hiep Thanh Resort also has a Beach Bar which serves a wide range of drinks to satisfy visitors in the hot windy and sunny tropical climate. Sitting right on the beach, drinking a cold beer or cocktail with some sandwiches at the Beach Bar, listening to the wave whispering in the sunset will be such an amazing experience
    • Location: Overlooking the ocean
    • Hours of Operation: 07:00 AM – 22:00 PM
    • Seating Capacity: 70 – 100 persons
    • Concept: International and Vietnamese cuisines at their finest.
    The Restaurant offers appealing indoor and outdoor seating areas.
     CONTACT :

    LIEN HIEP THANH RESORT                                                          
    118/12 Tran Hung Dao Street - 7 ward Duong Dong - Phu Quoc Island
    Tel : (+84) 773 847 583
    Mobile: (+84 ) 96 199 1800
    Email: info@lienhiepthanhresort.com  



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